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Assetz Exchange to work with MIND to provide homes for those suffering with their mental health

We are delighted to announce that we will begin working with mental health charity MIND later this year. MIND helps people with mental illness in many ways, such as providing information and support, standing up for injustices and creating networks so people do not feel alone. In certain circumstances this also includes providing a home, which is why Assetz Exchange is partnering with MIND.

The UK faces a mental health crisis. It is estimated that one in four adults suffer from mental health problems each year and the biggest killer of men under 35 years old is suicide. MIND helps people experiencing mental health problems get both the support and respect they need, as Stephen Fry explains in a video for the charity.

Case study: How MIND helped Mirban make an astonishing recovery

A safe and secure space can be an important part of managing or recovering from mental illness, as explained by Mirban in this touching and candid interview with MIND.

Mirban began suffering from depression in his late teens. A failure to identify this underlying illness meant that he was treated for secondary issues such as psychosis and paranoia, but to little effect. Consequently he began a long period of substance abuse as a means of escaping reality, which resulted in addiction and eventually hospitalisation.

At this low point, Mirban was finally diagnosed with depression,and provided with the necessary help, support and environment to get back on his feet. He now no longer lives in supported living accommodation and leads an independent and fulfilling life, helping other people recover from mental illness.

As Mirban explains, in order to recover from mental illness, help from charities such as MIND is a necessity and finding a safe and secure space can be an important part of management or recovery.

Assetz Exchange is undergoing the necessary legal processes to purchase a property in Coventry this autumn which will be tenanted by MIND and used to provide a home for someone like Mirban.

Learn more about this upcoming property purchase.


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