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Case study: Elite disability gymnast Natasha Coates

At Assetz Exchange, our mission is to deliver profit with a purpose. Our properties are compelling investment opportunities, but they are more than that –  they are homes for some of the most vulnerable people in society. A clear example of this is the house we provided for Natasha Coates.

Natasha is an elite disability gymnast who has won 27 British titles and 42 British medals throughout her career so far. This success is all the more inspiring as she suffers from a rare condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, which makes her allergic to pretty much anything, from sweating to laughing, and can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Since developing MCAS at 18 years old, she has had over 250 life-threatening episodes requiring hospitalisation, intensive care treatment, and medication just to keep her alive. However, with the support of her family she has still been able to compete at a national level as an elite disability gymnast.

Upon hearing about Natasha’s story at the Pride of Sport Awards, former England Test Cricket captain Alastair Cook commented:

 “Inspirational achievements, like Natasha’s, show who the real heroes are.”

In March 2022, Assetz Exchange teamed up with Golden Lane Housing to provide a home for Natasha. On moving in Natasha sent Golden Lane Housing and Assetz Exchange this message:

Moving out and away from my parents’ home is something no-one ever thought would be able to happen. I’ve also noticed how much my self-confidence has improved! I feel much more grown up and responsible now, and I’ve proved to myself that I can do things I never thought possible.

I am most excited about having my own place to escape to when the world feels loud and overwhelming. I’m also excited for how many ‘firsts’ I will now get to have! My first film night with friends, my first time cooking a roast dinner and so many other little firsts that most people take for granted.

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