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Case study: Supported living in Loughborough for Lee

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with ASD Support, Storm Property and EHSL Supported Housing. Assetz Exchange will soon be launching a 2-bedroom bungalow in Loughborough that provides a home for Lee.  Lee has Autism, is non-verbal and receives 2 on 1 care.  Lee’s journey to his new home is a great example of how the current system, when it works well, can provide the right home in the right place in a short timeframe.

Lee is in his mid forties and has spent most of his adult life in a home run by a national charity.  Early in September, Lee’s family received a letter informing them that the home was to close down.  Consequently, Lee would have to find new accommodation by early December 2023. Failure to meet this tight deadline would have had serious repercussions, including being placed in residential care or even homelessness. It was decided that he would benefit from going into supported living, with his own team of carers to personalise his day to day living.

The health commissioner responsible for Lee notified a number of care providers that he was looking for a new home. The Directors of ASD Support seized the challenge and quickly identified properties that could be of interest. Lee’s family decided upon a bungalow in Park Road due to the quality of the property, the amenities on offer locally and its location close to the countryside that provides the calm and space that Lee needs and enjoys.   

ASD Support then worked with their development partners Storm Property, who purchased the property. The keys were handed over on the 1st of December and a scene from DIY SOS ensued, as the directors of Storm Property organised the necessary tradesmen to transform the property for the move-in date of 8th December.

At the same time, ASD Support and Storm Property partnered with EHSL Supported Housing who agreed to become the registered provider and tenant of the property.

Lee is now safely in his new home and loving it. ASD Support were able to ensure that some of the carers moved with Lee, thereby providing a sense of continuity to his new surroundings.

Assetz Exchange has negotiated to purchase the property from Storm Property, which frees up their capital allowing them to repeat the process, helping further vulnerable people who require much needed accommodation and support…

It is important our investors understand the positive impact their investments are making to real people’s lives. There are many people in a similar position to Lee and your investment helps make an incredible difference to their lives. We look forward to working on similar projects with ASD Support, Storm Properties and EHSL Supported Living over the coming year.

Just arrived and so happy with his new home!


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