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January 2021 Investor Update

  • 28th January 2021
  • News

Property pipeline

We are progressing to completion on our first property with United Response and a 4-bed house in Bristol for Nacro. The United Response property is a 3-bedroom bungalow in South Devon which will be used to provide supported living accommodation for two local people with autism and one carer. They are moving from other supported living accommodation provided by United Response that is no longer suitable for their needs. The property is fully underwritten but there remains a final hurdle with the local housing association we need to overcome. The Bristol property for Nacro currently has an anticipated completion date of 15 February.

We have had offers accepted on five other properties to provide supported living for charities and are progressing with conveyancing. We have also submitted a further 30 potential properties to charities who are now at various stages of assessing them.


Now the new website has been launched, we are concentrating our efforts on marketing the site to bring in new investors to help us fund the pipeline mentioned above. This will improve liquidity on the exchange and increase the selection of properties on the site.

You may start to notice increased coverage of us around the internet and in the press (this week our Managing Director was interviewed by the Daily Express about the housing market) and we encourage investors to tell as many friends, family and colleagues about us as they can.

Website improvements

We want to thank you for the continuing feedback and suggestions for improving the new website. As mentioned last month, the website will be a continuous work in progress and we are looking to make any improvements we can that enhance the user experience. To that end we have recently released the following enhancements:

  • Customisation over the types of emails investors want to receive (accessed via Account settings)
  • Enhancement to the Summary report, including breakdowns of realised and unrealised capital growth and profit on disposal
  • Fixes to the historic costs for disposals (which impact the properties at Livingston Drive)
  • Further sorting options including Your orders on the Dashboard and by name in List view on the Exchange.
  • Reset password functionality
  • Various enhancements to improve display on mobile devices

Savings Calculator

We recently released a savings calculator which gives users an insight into how their investments could increase over time if invested with Assetz Exchange, with either a one off lump sum payment and/or regular monthly or annual contributions.

You canĀ access the calculator here.

Updates on existing properties

Please refer to the indivudual updates which are posted on the Investment details pages.


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