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We have an impact on society on many levels and in many sectors. Our focus is on making a difference.

Serviced plots and eco homes

We already know that not enough homes are being built in the places people need and want to live. And the quality of homes from some national house builders often leaves a lot to be desired, making headlines regularly.

Just like the hugely popular equivalent in Europe and America, we are now bringing more widely available serviced plots to market. Helping people live where they want to, often in suburban in-fill sites instead of building on open countryside as the national housebuilders often do. And we help bring modular eco homes to the mass market, able to run on £1 a day energy costs with ground-source and air-source heat pumps, solar panels and tiles, triple glazing as standard and modern sealed unit, factory built construction techniques.

It’s a far better way to build a new home.

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Supported living

Most of us have heard of the crisis in Care in the Community. Not enough housing for those least able to look after themselves or without the resources to rent or buy a house of their own.

We also know of the charity crisis where it has become harder and harder to raise much needed capital to fulfil their purpose.

We believe that we can help private investors provide much needed housing stock to many different charities and housing associations who cannot afford all the housing they need to fulfil demand for their services.

Working with larger charities or housing associations we can offer them additional, quality properties, allowing more good to be done whilst earning investors better returns than many other asset classes.

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Buy-to-let has been a huge success for investors over the decades but sometimes in competition with first time buyers.

We buy up existing rental property that we think could be better purposed for homebuyers over time, taking the rental income in the meantime before tenants move on and then we sell the property to a homebuyer.

We also support sectors where there is only a rental need such as student accommodation and some areas where home ownership is low.

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Show homes

House builders tie up a lot of money in show homes and if it’s a smaller company then it slows them down when buying more sites to build much needed new homes

We fund the purchase of those show homes from quality house builders and lease them back until the site is completed. The capital released can fund more site purchases and planning permissions whilst giving you, the investor, a corporate tenant and often a higher yield than traditional buy-to-let.

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