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Investing the Assetz Exchange way

About us

Assetz Exchange is a crowdfunding property investment platform delivering long term stable income for investors, primarily through the purchase and leasing of housing with social impact.

Regulated by the FCA, we are happy to be described as a market disruptor, providing choice for investors and alternative funding options for the social housing sector.

Supported living

Most of us have heard of the crisis in Care in the Community. Not enough housing for those least able to look after themselves or without the resources to rent or buy a house of their own.

We also know of the charity crisis where it has become harder and harder to raise much needed capital to fulfil their purpose.

We believe that we can help private investors provide much needed housing stock to many different charities and housing associations who cannot afford all the housing they need to fulfil demand for their services.

Working with charities or housing associations we can offer them additional, quality properties, allowing more good to be done whilst earning investors monthly income.

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Our values

Delivering long term, stable income from property – Our properties in the social housing sector deliver inflation linked monthly income with high quality tenants and the opportunity to retain investments for longer.

Transparency – We focus platform content on providing transparency for our investors. We include as much information as possible to assess investment risk, from lease terms and fixed cost and contingency breakdowns to EPC ratings and regular property updates.

Flexibility – We provide greater flexibility around lease terms for the providers of social housing, which creates a more favourable outcome for them, whilst maintaining a stable and solid investment for our investors.

Sustainable partnerships – Our business ethos is to find a win-win scenario for investors and care providers, whilst putting the individuals who require the housing at the centre of the property purchasing and leasing arrangements. It’s not just the right thing to do, it also creates more sustainable partnerships for everyone.

The best investor experience – We’re committed to creating the best user experience and are constantly developing our platform to respond to investor suggestions and potential for improvements that we see. Our platform includes comprehensive reporting functions and an investor dashboard to make managing a property portfolio easy.

Our impact

Since our first supported living accommodation lease started in December 2020, we have helped over 100 individuals to find supported housing. This number is set to significantly increase, with an estimated 150-200 extra units being provided by the end of 2022.

“I find the platform simple to use, feel very comfortable with the yield I’m getting and like the fact that most of their investments are inflation linked.”

– Chris, Assetz Exchange investor

“Finding tailored supported housing for those that either want to live with a few people or own their own is not easy within the current funding framework. Working with partners like Assetz Exchange unlocks this opportunity and I can honestly say that, in the time we’ve been working with Assetz Exchange, they’ve enabled us to help more people than we would normally have been able to, which is fantastic.”

– Golden Lane Housing, Assetz Exchange partner

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