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Serviced plots and eco homes

A government backed new source of quality housing

Serviced plots

When the government introduced ‘Right to Build’ legislation through the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 it created a quiet revolution. It forces local authorities to track demand from people who want to build their own home in their area, and then forces them to deliver planning permissions for enough serviced plots to meet that demand.

We fund the acquisition of land for conversion to serviced plots that would otherwise often go to a house builder's land bank. Serviced plots are ready to build housing plots with roads, services and other infrastructure already built, making it easy for someone to then order a house to be built on that plot to their own specification.

Together, we can help people build better homes than the national housebuilders, in better locations and designed for what people want out of their home, not what suits the housebuilder and their profits. Our sister company, Cherish Homes Ltd, is a specialist in delivering these plots and the eco-homes to build on them.

Eco & modular homes

Modern homes are sustainable, low energy and provide great features that people need and want.

Once people have a plot, they can choose a modern new home design from catalogues of pre-existing designs, or customise a home to precisely suit their needs, or a mix of both.

Our serviced plot sites use modern methods of construction to build a planet-friendly eco-home. Modular construction is a boom sector and is so much more up to date than building a house brick by brick in a muddy field. High tech factories produce sealed units that are then transported to site and assembled to millimetric precision, wind-proof and water-tight shell stage in a couple of days. Keys can be handed over when fit-out is completed just a few weeks later.