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Supported housing

Help supply charities and housing associations with homes

Supported housing comes in many forms

There is such a shortage of property for many types of tenant that need a home in the community. Sometimes those homes have live in carers, in other cases it's a stepping stone to their own place over time.

We look to support many client groups including children with learning difficulties, people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, prison leavers coming back into society and those seeking hard to find accessible homes to rent.

Great tenants

We find the charities and housing associations who are doing a great job helping people who need their support, but who don't have enough property available to meet demand, nor enough capital to buy any more.

We help their funding go further by buying or building properties, renovating them where necessary and renting them affordably to the charity or housing association, so it can do more of what it's good at.

Buy-to-let mortgage providers don't usually allow this type of housing to be funded, blocking much needed supply into the sector. Instead, we buy for cash and rent to charities or corporate tenants earning sensible yields whilst helping to meet their needs.

We supply the properties on long term leases too, not 6-month AST rentals, meaning that you get longer certainty of the lease rental income and the charity or housing association gets long term supply of property for their needs.