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Types of investments

Assetz Exchange offers two main types of investments, properties and developments.


Property investments are typically long-term investments with the property leased or rented out to provide a regular income for investors. All significant decisions are made by investors by way of a vote including at the maturity date, where a vote will be held to continue leasing/renting or to sell the asset. On disposal, all proceeds less costs and taxes (including any capital gain below a 3% p.a. cap) will be distributed to investors.

Supported housing

We focus on leasing homes to charities and housing associations who provide accommodation for people that require supported living. These are on long-term, full repair and maintenance leases and are often government backed and inflation linked. For more details, see here.


We provide loans to purchase land and install basic services (such as gas, water, electricity and roads) which is then sold to buyers as serviced plots, who may then purchase a modular eco-home to be constructed. This approach removes much of the traditional development risk. See here for more details.