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What decisions require a vote?

All significant decisions impacting the investment will require an investor vote. Examples include things such as agreeing to start a new lease, appointing a managing agent, deciding to extend the loan term or to sell the property or whether to accept or reject an offer made on a property.

How does voting work?

When a vote commences, an email will be sent to investors alerting them that a vote is underway. This will also be flagged on the website. The voting options and duration of the vote will be displayed on the website.

Votes are counted on a basis weighted to the size of the investment, not one investor, one vote

When a vote finishes, the results will be posted on the details page of the relevant property/loan.

What happens if I don’t vote?

There is no obligation to vote. If you decide not to vote it will be classified as an abstention.

Is trading suspended whilst voting takes place?

Trading will only be suspended if the vote outcome could have a material impact on the Exchange price for the property, for example, a vote to accept an offer to buy the property.