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Withdrawing funds

How do I withdraw funds?

You can withdraw uninvested funds at any time from your account. Click on Manage Funds in the main menu and select Withdraw. You may only have one active withdrawal request per account at any one time. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of £5 unless you are closing your account.

How long does it take for the money to arrive in my bank account?

Withdrawals to UK bank accounts are processed for next business day payment.

Can I withdraw to any bank account?

No. You can only withdraw funds to the account that you have registered with us. This is an AML requirement.

Can I see my pending withdrawals?

The funds requested for withdrawal will be immediately deducted from your cash balance and show as a pending withdrawal on the Withdraw Funds page until the withdrawal is processed. The withdrawal may be cancelled up until the time it has been authorised for payment to your bank account.