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Raising money to create high quality supported housing

Creating a win win for providers of supported living accommodation, vulnerable individuals and investors

Working with providers of supported housing

Assetz Exchange works directly with charities, care providers and housing associations that provide supported accommodation to a wide range of vulnerable people in society.

Ensuring high quality accommodation

Under these arrangements Assetz Exchange will actively source and arrange capital to purchase high quality accommodation that meets the specific needs of a particular resident or multiple residents.

Creating long term housing solutions

These properties are then leased to the providers of supported living accommodation on flexible leases to enable them to provide certainty with long-term housing solutions for their tenants. These leases offer the protection and stability that the residents require while offering stable income for the investors.

Helping relatives to co-invest alongside others

Our innovative platform allows investors to buy and sell slices of a property commission free on the Assetz Exchange platform. The platform allows a person with a relative living in the property to co-invest alongside others in the provision of accommodation for their loved one. The returns they receive from the investment could then be used to fund further care or donated back to the supporting charity.

Enhancing charitable donations

We can also work with partners to add a charitable donation function within the Assetz Exchange platform. This function will permit some or all of the income produced from investments on the platform to be donated to the charity whilst the investor still retains control of the capital. If the money was required at some point in the future then the investment could be sold on the exchange without disturbing the lease.

We’d love to talk

We currently work with charities including Nacro, a social justice charity, United Response, providing homes for adults with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities and other leading supported housing providers such as Golden Lane Housing. We’d love to talk to any organisation that has a need to raise capital for a property purchase in this sector.

Contact us at info@assetzexchange.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 3330 119830